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Businessman to give day's profits to overseas missions

A central Kentucky businessman is doing his part to support international missions by giving a day's worth of profits to spread the Gospel. He encourages other Christian businessmen to also look for ways to give more to missions.<br>
House documents strike at abortion clinic claims

Denials by Planned Parenthood and its allies of profiteering in the fetal tissue business have received a blow from congressional investigators.<br>
Tenn. pro-lifers hopeful despite court setback

In response to a federal judge's ruling against supporters of Tennessee's pro-life constitutional amendment adopted in 2014, the state's leading pro-life organization says it believes the case ultimately will be decided by the state supreme court and the amendment upheld.<br>
2016 SBC program schedule released

The schedule for this year's Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting program was released this week by the SBC Executive Committee in a special pre-convention issue of SBC LIFE.
2016 SBC: Exec. Comm., boards, commission, seminaries, committee nominees ann...

Nominees to serve on the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee, the four denominational boards -- International Mission Board, North American Mission Board, LifeWay Christian Resources, and GuideStone Financial Resources -- the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, the six seminaries and the Committee on Order of Business have been selected by the 2016 SBC Committee on Nominations.<br>
Bulldozer-leveled site accorded to grieving church

The death of a Chinese Christian woman beneath the rubble of her bulldozed church has sparked a step of contrition by local authorities -- the now-vacant lot is the undisputed property of the grieving congregation. But concern remains over authorities' lack of criminal charges against the bulldozer crew who took Ding Cuimei's life.<br>
Mo. religious liberty bill dies in committee

Missourians will not get the opportunity to vote on a religious liberty bill to protect people from being penalized for their religious beliefs on marriage. The House of Representatives' Emerging Issues Committee on Wednesday (April 27) voted 6-6 on Senate Joint Resolution 39, thus ending its chances of making it out of committee to the full House, and ultimately, the citizens of Missouri.<br>
Boko Haram aiding Islamic herdsmen, expert says

A weakened Boko Haram is finding new life by empowering Muslim Fulani herdsmen in attacking farmers -- many of them Christian -- and taking their farmland in communities across the nation, Nigerian relations expert Adeniyi Ojutiku told Baptist Press.
FIRST-PERSON: Reaching the 'dechurched'

Patience and engagement are needed for the "dechurched," whom Ed Stetzer describes as those who are closed to the church due to hurts they have experience or observed. Stetzer, executive director of LifeWay Research, notes that the dechurched "may be turned off to genuine Christian belief because they've never been exposed to it as 'good news.'"
EDITORIAL: Esto es como una epidemia

Uno de los peores males que afectan a nuestras iglesias hoy d&#237;a son las divisiones. No considero que alguien esté exento de tener, en algún momento, que enfrentar cara a cara este terrible mal. Por cierto, este es un problema muy viejo, observe que Pablo hace unos dos mil años les llamó la atención a los corintios sobre este mismo problema.

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