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Singing 'Down on My Knees,' Gaines exhorts SBC to pray

Singing songs and sharing a personal analogy on prayer, Southern Baptist Convention President Steve Gaines encouraged Southern Baptists to pray and spread the Gospel during his sermon at the SBC Executive Committee meeting Feb. 20-21 in Nashville.<br>
Baptists must be 'correct,' Page says of stewardship

The use of God's resources -- stewardship -- will gain a strengthened emphasis in Southern Baptist life, Frank S. Page said in addressing the SBC Executive Committee. "If we do not get the issue of stewardship correct, the work to which God is calling us will simply not be done in a way that would honor Him and glorify Him as He would wish," Page said.
Ill. pro-lifers fight publicly-funded abortions bill

Pro-life advocates in Illinois are urging lawmakers to oppose legislation that would allow the use of public money to fund abortions. Illinois House Bill 40, currently awaiting a vote by the state's House of Representatives, would strike from state law a provision that says Illinois' medical assistance program cannot pay for abortions. The bill also would allow state workers' health insurance plans to include coverage for abortions.<br>
'Benedict Option': Build communities of resistance

'Benedict Option' author Rod Dreher calls Christians to overcome the increasing tide of secular culture by building communities of resistance.<br>
25 church buildings in Sudan feared to be demolished

State officials in Sudan plan to demolish at least 25 church buildings in the Khartoum area, according to Christian leaders. Churches in Sudan have denounced the order to demolish 25 church buildings, calling on government to reconsider decision.
FROM THE STATES: Ill., Tenn. and Okla & Fla. evangelism/missions news; Rooft...

Today's From the States features items from: Illinois Baptist; Baptist and Reflector (Tennessee); Baptist Messenger (Oklahoma and Florida).<br>
FIRST-PERSON: Start a conversation

It's good to invite neighbors to church but, as Lee Clamp notes, it might be even better to become a friend, invite them to your home for dinner and start a conversation that can lead them to faith.<br>

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