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EDITORIAL: El Temor nos Paraliza

¿Te recuerdas la última vez que realmente tuviste gran terror? ¿No es cierto que casi te paraliza? ¡Sí, claro que sí! El temor nos viste con ropa que no nos permite tener libertad y gozo. La Biblia nos muestra como la primera pareja, Adán y Eva, gozaban de la creación de Dios. Se movían con plena libertad en medio de árboles con preciosos frutos, un rio que regaba el jardín y se dividía en cuatro brazos, oro y piedras preciosas, y animales nombrados por Adán.
Much ventured, much gained by Ariz. church planter

Tommy Thomas, North American Mission Board church planting catalyst in northern Arizona, has led the River Valley Baptist Association to grow from 12 churches to 33 since the mid-1990s.
Trump promises change; Baptists remain divided

Donald Trump told Americans he would solve the country's problems in accepting the Republican Party's nomination for president Thursday (July 21) but appeared unable to bridge the divide over his candidacy among Southern Baptists and other evangelical Christians.
Financial struggle segues to church planting

High Pointe Baptist Church in Austin has moved from financial struggles to active engagement in church planting.
Opioid abuse gets congressional, Christian responses

In the wake of an opioid abuse prevention measure passed by Congress, Christians are finding new ways to combat the crisis alongside the new law. Opioids are medications that relieve pain by reducing the intensity of pain signals reaching the brain. One medication classified as an opioid is morphine, which is commonly synthesized and used to make heroin, one of the most addictive drugs available according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.
FIRST-PERSON: An issue of the heart

The nation's tumult won't be resolved by government or the laws it enacts, Anthony Jordan writes. "Laws can help, and have helped, but laws do not change the hearts of people," Jordan, executive director of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, notes. "The local church must step forward as a force for racial reconciliation."

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